Out of Home medium is a premium and true convergence medium which reaches out to the ‘difficult-to-reach’ and SEC a consumer, with whom advertisers find it difficult to communicate on a sustained basis. Khandelwal Outdoor advertising is the best and most viable option to reach out to these audiences. Khandelwal Outdoor adds great value as it follows these consumers wherever they are thus becoming a medium present in a day of the life of a consumer and offering the advertiser an all day primetime.
With the detailed understanding of the requirements, Khandelwal Outdoor with the various Audience Packages and the Khandelwal Outdoor metrics offers a tailor-made media plan to advertisers. To maximize the potential of this medium, we also offer ‘flexicasting’, a media planning tool which offers the ability and flexibility to telecast brand communication on Khandelwal Outdoor screens as per the advertisers’ choice of city, choice of location, choice of target audience, choice of frequency of exposures, choice of creative and choice of language.
The biggest advantage is that the quality of audience provided by Khandelwal Outdoor is far superior as compared to others. Khandelwal Outdoor reaches the kind of audience which are decision makers, influential customers, high net worth individuals and wealth creators.
The medium of Khandelwal Outdoor per se is not industry specific, but objective-specific i.e. various advertisers from various categories are using the medium differently to meet their communication objectives. Today we have over 300 clients from across categories i.e. Automobiles, Finance, Telecom, Retail (Luxury, Apparels etc), Media and Entertainment, FMCG, Consumer Durables, Travel & Tourism, Education etc. using us for various reasons/campaigns. The industry is still emerging and there is immense scope for new clients, categories and growth.
Khandelwal Outdoor today has more than 4500 screens present in 18 cities and reaching out to over 70 million people per month. We have currently over 60% of the market share in this industry and we are confident of building the industry and staying as leaders of Digital Industry.